How to make the most of this new year

Tonight Programme – Brixton Hill Islamic Centre, Monthly Iman Youth Meeting, How to make the most of this new year

As you already understand, the purpose of starting this programme was to create
awareness within the youth about the importance of practising their religion. Furthermore we aim to inspire them to take an active and leading role in their surrounding communities.

The importance of understanding who we are as Muslims and our role in the community will help reconcile our engagement with Muslims and Non-Muslims, in addition to improving their self-confidence. A central aspect of the programme is to protect of youths from leaning towards the both ends of extremisms: in religion or in engaging in crime and alcohol and drugs use. The programme does accommodate both girls and boys, as we believe it is essential to involve both genders under a single programme.

“Monthly Youth Iman Meeting” which runs every third Saturday of the month from 7:pm. in Brixton Hill Islamic Centre  By the grace of God, the programme has been successful and very popular in engaging the youth for the past years.

The committee consists of universities students and young professionals who decided to dedicate their free time to organise these blessed events. Personal information regarding the committee members can be provided on request.

Brixton Hill Islamic Centre, Monthly Youth Iman  Meeting, How to make the most of this new year, Night Salah  and Refreshment

Join us for an evening of insightful and reflection where we aim to tackle  yet another pertinent and power full issue.

Please Join us for this event.

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